How to Order

How to Order

#1: Choose your style

How do I choose the style I want?

#2: Choose your size

How do I choose my canvas size?

#3: Choose your palette or custom colors

How do I choose my palette?

How do I request custom colors?

#4: Proceed to the Contact Form

Submit your choices to customize your painting along with your contact information. We will discuss any other questions or requests you have and finalize the quote for your commission.  

#5: Send payment

What methods of payment are accepted?

When will I receive my painting?

You will receive confirmation when your order request has been received and when your payment has been processed.

#6: Send your ultrasound image

How do I send my sonogram?

What kind of ultrasound image do I need?

If you have several, you may send them all and I will choose the one that will work the best for your desired style.