1. Who orders from Inner Child Art Studio (ICAS)?

Sonogram paintings are gifts meant to celebrate the beginning of a new life in the family. Any expecting mother will be touched at the beautiful representation of their soon-to-be baby and the thoughtfulness of your gift choice. Order a sonogram painting for yourself, for your dear friend, for your sister, or for the woman carrying your child.

2. Where do I display my painting?

In the nursery! This is the most likely location but of course any room such as an office or playroom will be fitting. I can match or complement your piece to any existing color scheme. Some people choose to make the artwork the focal point of the nursery by hanging it above a crib or dresser. Check out photos in the nursery gallery to get ideas!

3. How do I choose the style I want?

I offer four styles to fit everyone’s aesthetic and budget. I recommend reading the descriptions and viewing the gallery of each style to decide which one best fits the recipient.

4. How do I choose my canvas size?

Measure the wall space where the painting will hang or you may prefer to choose the size according to your budget. Custom sizes are also available. Please call or email me for a quote. See “What materials does ICAS use?” for canvas specifics.

5. What kind of ultrasound image do I need?

Both two-dimensional and 3D/4D ultrasound images work well. 2D images (most common) are best for styles A, B and C and cannot be used for style D. 3D/4D images have superb detail and are best suited for styles C and D but they may be used for all styles.

6. What is the difference between an ultrasound and a sonogram?

Ultrasound refers to the use of high frequency sound waves to produce an image. The image yielded from an ultrasound exam is called a sonogram.

7. What is a “4D” ultrasound?

The 4th dimension refers to time. 4D ultrasound technology produces 3D still images and, with the addition of time, shows the live motion of your baby. A motion video of your ultrasound experience is a special elective experience that fosters a deeper bond with your baby and provides excellent still images.

8. How do I send my sonogram?

There are two options for sending your sonograms:

A. Electronic files are preferred. Scan the full sonogram and email me the digital file. The file size should be between 150 and 300 dpi. If you received several images and you are not sure which one to use, you may send several which helps me select the best option for your design. Use the “attach file here” area on the order form or you may email your files to me. If you choose to photograph the sonogram, please be sure to evenly fill the frame and avoid light glares or warping. I will let you know if the photograph is not acceptable, as that shiny curly paper is hard to photograph!

B. If you do not have access to a scanner you can mail your sonograms directly to me. A good quality, clean photocopy of your sonogram is also acceptable. The image needs to be “readable” and kept to the same scale as the original (no size change, warping or cropping please). I will gladly return the original sonograms safely to you if you choose this method.

9. How do I choose my palette?

Your palette refers to your paint colors. View the color palettes to choose between one of the twelve options OR if you have specific colors in mind, choose the custom colors option. The ICAS palettes include five colors from which your painting will be made. Please note that this is a color family that will inspire the painting’s design. All colors may not be represented depending upon your style choice and what works best for your design. Feel free to include preferences and suggestions about your palette in the comment fields of the contact/order form and I will do my best to oblige your color requests. There is no added cost for choosing colors from the ICAS palettes.

10. How do I request custom colors?

This is a great option for designer baby colors. With this option, your artwork will not only be made specifically for you, but it will also be designed to fit beautifully within your space. You will need to mail me small samples of your wall and accent colors. Fabric swatches also work very well. Please note that if you email me pictures of your space and paint colors, an exact match cannot be guaranteed due to computer screen discrepancies in displaying colors. Sending samples through the mail is the best way. Samples will not be returned. Please contact me if you have any questions about what to send so that I may complete your custom color matching.

Mixing 2 custom colors: additional charge of $30
Mixing 3 to 4 custom colors: additional charge of $40
Mixing 5 to 6 custom colors: additional charge of $50

11. What materials does Inner Child Art Studio use?

I use quality 100% cotton duck canvases treated with acid-free gesso and professional artist grade archival acrylics. I choose paints that are non-toxic and environment and animal friendly. The sides of all canvases are extra deep measuring 1.5 inches and are back stapled. The canvases are meant to be hung unframed. However, if you desire a frame, pre-made canvas frames can usually be found in your local art or hobby supply store.

12. When will I receive my painting?

Your painting will be completed within three to four weeks of the date that I confirm your order and recieve your sonogram image with payment. A confirmation email will be sent to you when all order materials and payments have been received. Please allow an additional three to five business days for shipping if your piece is arriving to you by mail. If you have selected to pick up or have your painting delivered, I will contact you upon completion to arrange transportation details. I will gladly deliver locally up to 20 miles or will make myself available for you to pick up the piece at your convenience.

13. Is it possible to rush my order?

Yes. A small fee may apply. Contact me to discuss your request and receive a new quote. OFten times I can finish your painting in a shorter amount of time if schedule allows so please let me know if due date or baby shower date is coming up soon.

14. What methods of payment are accepted?

PayPal [innerchildartstudio@gmail.com], Venmo [@marymelyoga], personal checks and credit cards are accepted. Once you have recieved your custom quote, log on to your PayPal where you will select your preferred credit card or account transfer method and send to the email address innerchildartstudio@gmail.com. If you are having trouble, I would be happy to send you a direct link to pay. Personal checks are also accepted to Melissa Fiorenza (address here). You will receive a confirmation email once your payment has been received. There is a $25 fee on returned checks. 

15. Can I purchase ICAS gift certificates?

Yes! If you are unsure of the mother’s design preferences and would still like to give the gift of a one-of-a-kind portrait, simply contact me with your desired gift card amount and I will mail or electonically send one to you or the recipient. The recipient will be able to choose the style and colors to fit her needs. Refer to the pricing guide for an idea of your certificate amount if desired.

16. Can I send my order as a gift to someone?

Yes of course. On the PayPal form, simply fill in the correct shipping address for the recipient or contact me.

17. Do you charge for shipping?

If your painting is being sent to you in the mail, shipping charges do apply. The rate will be determined by the shipping method you choose and the canvas size. All packages are insured for their full value. If you are in Charlotte, I will gladly deliver your painting to you or arrange for a pick up destination (shipping charges do not apply).

18. Do you charge sales tax?

Per state law, I must charge the state sales tax rate of 5.75% within the state of North Carolina. The state and local combined sales tax rate for Mecklenburg county residents is 8.25%. If you reside and place your order outside of North Carolina, no sales tax will be applied.


Terms and Conditions

Inner Child Art Studio will not sell any of your personal information to third party marketing. Inner Child Art Studio reserves the right to use any and all original designs on the website or any marketing materials. The use of the sonogram image may be displayed on the website and marketing materials to accompany the painting. All personal information will be removed from the sonogram scan. Inner Child Art Studio will display original designs and sonograms on the website and marketing materials with the first name of the baby. In the case that a name is not decided upon yet or the gender is unknown until birth, Inner Child Art Studio will use the phrase “Baby (last name of the customer)” or will use a pseudonym. Customers may request that no real first or last names be used upon the time of order. Inner Child Art Studio is not responsible for any lost or damaged sonograms due to mail transit. However, all paintings are fully insured when shipped to you. If your painting is damaged when you receive it, please contact me immediately so that I may begin your order again. You will need to keep the original packaging materials and the painting in its exact condition in order to receive a new order. Details will be explained further should this replacement be necessary. There will be a $25.00 fee for any returned checks. Our estimated completion time is four weeks from the time you complete your order until you receive your painting. Expedited orders may be available for an additional charge (discussed with you upon your order request). Taxes and shipping charges will be added to your total when you are directed to PayPal. If you are paying by check, you will receive an invoice with your order total including taxes and shipping charges. Our work and thus the four week completion estimate will not begin until payment in full has been received and cleared. Once payment is confirmed and your order has begun, there are no cancellations or refunds. The resolution of the scanned sonogram/s needs to be between 150 and 300 dpi. If for some reason your sonogram is unusable or there is an issue with the order request, you will be notified with any further actions that need to be taken in order to begin your request. Inner Child Art Studio will own and retain the copyrights and all other applicable intellectual property rights for all designs and original paintings created by the artist. All work shown on the site or used in any marketing materials pertaining to Inner Child Art Studio are copyrighted, with the exception of the unaltered sonograms used with permission of the owner for purposes of comparison (“Before and After”) display images. Inner Child Art Studio will not reproduce, sell, or provide any personal information pertaining to sonogram images. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to have the unaltered sonogram displayed on the website or any promotional or marketing materials. You may not reproduce any Inner Child Art Studio designs, concepts, paintings and photographs without the express written and legally authorized permission of Inner Child Art Studio. When purchasing a sonogram painting, you will own the sole copy of the painting as it is made just for you. You will not, however, own the right to the design for that painting. It is illegal to copy any Inner Child Art Studio design or to adapt a design for use in any other mediums or materials. Customized items that display your sonogram design are a wonderful and unique way to utilize your one-of-a-kind design. Please inquire with the artist about the additional printed products (note cards, prints to frame) that Inner Child Art Studio can offer with your design. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you thereby release Inner Child Art Studio from any claim of invasion of privacy, misappropriation of personal likeness, or intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. This agreement shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of North Carolina. It is agreed that any dispute initiated by or related to this agreement or your interaction with Inner Child Art Studio shall first be negotiated between the parties to this Agreement and if negotiation fails the dispute shall be resolved in the courts of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. You hereby waive the right to file suit in any other jurisdiction.
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