Color Palettes

Inner Child Color Palettes

Each palette contains five paint colors that will serve as the inspiration for your portrait. This is a color family from which your paints will be selected and mixed. All colors may not be represented in your portrait depending upon your style choice and what works best for your design. 
Feel free to include preferences and suggestions about your chosen palette in the “comments” section of the order form and I will do my best to oblige your color requests. For example, if you choose Style A: Two Color Block and would like to select those two colors within the palette, you may do so on the order form comments section. There is no added cost for choosing colors from these ten palettes. Click to view color palettes: Inner Child Color Palettes.pdf

Custom Color Palettes

This is a great option for designer baby colors. With this option, your artwork will not only be made specifically for you, but it will also be designed to fit beautifully within your space. You have several choices for referencing your desired colors.  You may provide the brand and name of your paint colors, send photos or links to your inspirations/bedding/nursery theme, or mail me small samples of your wall and accent colors. Fabric swatches also work very well. Please note that if you email me pictures of your space and paint colors, an exact match cannot be guaranteed due to computer screen discrepancies in displaying colors. Sending samples through the mail is the best way, however the alternative methods are still very successful. Samples will not be returned. Please contact me if you have any questions about what to send so that I may complete your custom color matching. There is an additional charge for mixing custom colors.

2 custom colors: additional charge of $30

3 to 4 custom colors: additional charge of $40

5 to 6 custom colors: additional charge of $50