• Privilege is the new duty

    This week my new site is up and running and it is all thanks to jury duty.  On Tuesday I was summoned to appear at the Mecklenburg County Couthouse at 8am and plan to stay until 5pm or longer, should my services be required on a trial.  I am no stranger to jury duty. At three times serving, I feel I have done my fair share in the 16 years that I have been eligible.  But I would gladly welcome the chance again, and let me tell you why.  

    This was a PRIMO chunk of time to get things done, and I took advantage of it with fervor.  I planned what I would be doing, brought sustanance, and settled in for the long haul.  My planned could have been instantly foiled had my name been called to be a potential juror in one of The Honorables' courts. But when names were being called in the assembly room, I slumped down in my chair, put my proverbial hat down over my eyes...and it worked. I was off the hook time and time again. 

    Now, let's be honest. My life is kind of free time. I am lucky to have a lot of it. I teach yoga, work on my art, walk my dogs, run a household for my Italian and a set of twins (more about these loves of my life later). I busy myself all day long with the minutiae of everyday life: tasks and errands and to-do's. I find solace in that actually.  Being able to complete something and check it off a list  is satisfying to me and tackling a larger project that has no end in sight is downright anxiety producing. And although I own my business and my work ethic is directly responsible for it's success, I find it hard to buckle down with such open boundaries and loose return on gratification. That has to be some kind of syndrome, right?!  Anyway, I'm working on it.

    When jury orientation begins, a video plays cleverly reinterpreting jury "duty" into jury "service". We are being asked to view our time here as a contribution to the judicial system and a privilege to take part in upholding the rights and justice of our fellow citizens. Basically our court system, regulatory laws of society and therefore the world as we know it, would fall apart if it were not for us.  It was genius.  Spun beautifully. I sat up a little taller in my seat and I bought it all, every last bit of it. I started thinking, as I do,  "How can I use this witchcraft in my yoga class as a lesson?" 

    And so here it is. The areas of your life that you see as a duty/unwelcomed or unenjoyable responsibility/a challenge with no instant gratification--these are the areas in need of a little wizardry on your part. Actively begin to view them, talk about them and experience them as a privilege. As a lesson. As a service, not with a martyr complex, but with a humble, patient heart. Our minds and mindsets are powerful, but our choices are more powerful. Even if your new outlook feels a little forced or inauthentic at first, stick with it. Your shift will affect how you feel about your duty and your emotions connected with that are real. Your new understanding and new appreciation will be your new normal. 

    In summary, welcome to the blog. Visit often and thank you for reading. 

    New website- check.

    First blog post- check.

    Enviable work ethic and perfect time management- I'm working on it.