• Resolution review

    It's been a month since we all spotlighted the things we want to change about ourselves and formed them into neat, well-intended resolutions. So, how are you doing on yours? As a yoga instructor working full time in a yoga studio, I enjoy watching the month of January bring dozens of new yogis, signing up for classes and memberships. An enjoyable dichotomy of perplexed and humble looks around the room and complete surrender with gratification. Some will come back on occasion, fitting yoga into the many group exercise spots they bounce around to. Some will go back to their couch.  And some will have found something profound that they are ready to see- themselves. 

    As the New Year rung in, I reminded my yogis of their dharma. We all have intentions, goals, and desires. The realization of those deepest desires is our dharma, the true nature of you realizing your potential. Your dharma is not something that you need to make up, search for, or begin on a certain day of the year. You already are that person. You already have those tools. With the new year only a month in, let's wake up to what we have already been endowed with. What is there underneath the dormant layers? What works to spark your potential? And as we awaken to this, don't sprint away from last year's experiences. Reflect on them, grow from them. Revel in the fact that while you can not change the past, you can use it to inform the present moment and the future. 

    This year, don't resolve to change yourself, resolve to BE yourself. Seek the divine within you everyday.

    And as requested, here is the New Year's Countdown I wrote and shared with my students. In the style of things you might do and experience on a big NYE night out, here you go: