• How to make a playlist like a boss

    One of the most enjoyable parts of my work as a yoga teacher is making playlists (most recent playlist pictured above). I used to lament the time and effort that it took to put together a respectable, booty-shaking hour of tunes, but now it is cake. I have it down to a science; quick and dirty; git 'er done. Streamlining the process allows me to keep the music fresh and produce about one playlist per week. Here's how:

    1. Get a SiriusXM subscription for your vehicle. 

    This was life changing. Pre satellite radio, I was listening to the sad old local radio stations driving around town and scraping the dregs of my iTunes library which, let's be honest, contains an embarrasing amount of 80's music and Indigo Girls. Now, I use every moment in the car to Shazam the shit out of everything. Your drive time will now double as your work time. I have a wide variety of stations at the ready and have a contest with myself to see how many playlist-worthy songs I can tag in one single trip to the grocery store. 

    2. Shazam the shit out of everything.

    I'm talking radio, movie theatre, the catchy song on the television, break out your phone at the mall. Everywhere. 

    3. Subscribe to Spotify

    Stop kidding around with iTunes or Pandora or whatever else has formerly had your heart. I know....I know. It's so hard to say goodbye. The learning curve is not too hard, you don't need to own the songs forever squirreling them away in the bowels of your computer so you'll have them, just be free. And pay the $10 a month, you cheap bastard. It will be good to you. I get the remainder of my playlist music by browsing through Spotify. The app will begin to make playlists for you of music it knows you will like. Spotify--acts of service are my love language, how did you know?

    4. Connect your Shazam to your Spotify. 

    Go into the settings of your Shazam app and select "Connect to Spotify" under Music Streaming. This will automatically create a new playlist in your Spotify account titled "My Shazam Tracks". You may rename it if you like.

    5. Move your tracks into your new playlist.

    Select all your newly Shazamed tracks in the playlist and drag them into your new playlist. Rearrange the order of the tracks to your liking. I use the bell curve methodology for my yoga classes. Begin with slow songs to ease them into what you are about to bring, faster paced songs to bring it, and then slower songs again when it's already been brought-en.

     6. Share the love! 

    Make your playlists public. Make them awesome. Give them a name. Right click on the title of your playlist to select "make public". You can find over 80 of my public playlists here. You are welcome.