The experience of an ultrasound is the first time a parent can see the physical representation of the new life they have created. Inner Child Art Studio takes that special moment of bonding and transforms it into a lasting memory in the form of original art. Throughout this site you will see a variety of examples of one-of-a-kind paintings inspired from ultrasound images and will learn how to commission a painting for yourself or a loved one.

Thank you and enjoy!

Melissa Fiorenza

About the Painting Process

I created my first sonogram paintings in 2005 for two dear friends of mine. A desire to seek out something more special and unique than what I could find on their baby registry was what initially sparked the idea. I asked to borrow their sonograms and returned them along with an artistic rendition hand painted on canvas. A warm, encouraging response helped me to realize that it could be quite inimitably special to view your unborn baby with such bold and distinctive representation. The desire to create meaningful experiences and my love for painting birthed the idea for the business.

The appearance of each sonogram painting is different just as seen in the variances of every baby’s personality and physical traits. I clarify and enhance aspects of baby's form to create the one-of-a-kind design, sketch it onto the canvas, mix the colors and begin. Methods of applying the paint are determined by the four distinct styles. Hard edge lines and color blocking create beautiful simplicity while a more free use of layering, blending, and texturing builds intricate complexity. Every sonogram can be designed and painted in so many distinct ways, each embodying it’s own spirit. The most enjoyable aspects of my role as an artist are the ability to constantly evolve this process and to create pieces tailor made to anyone’s aesthetic. More important still, is the opportunity to inspire a deeper connection between the parent and the life they have created.

About the Artist

Growing up in Charlotte, NC, I began my study of visual art and photography during high school at Northwest School of the Arts and continued the same path in college. I earned my Studio Art degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington studying printmaking, ceramics and photography. After graduating, I began to teach at several pottery studios as well as a photography and film museum. Teaching soon became a full time pursuit, giving me the opportunity to pass on a knowledge and love of art to students at Vance High School.

Teaching evolved into instructing yoga and fitness in schools, studios, gyms, and one-on-one with clients. This schedule allowed me to grow my business and my family. I met my husband, Adam, in 2012 and became stepmom to two vivacious twins, Joey and Lyla, now 10 years old. We welcomed our first son, Romeo, in 2018 and we are expecting our baby girl in 2020!